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Murals Walking Tour Map

Call to Artists
Call To Artists 2014

Murals Selection Process
Murals Selection Process 2014

Licensing Agreement
Licensing Agreement 2014

Standard Lease Agreement
Standard Lease Agreement

Each fall, the Edmonds Mural Society welcomes submissions for the next summer!  The theme of the murals we raise each year changes.

Sami Sully at work.

The mission of the Edmonds Mural Society celebrates the beauty, history, and people of Edmonds.  Each year, the Members of the Society choose a murals theme devoted to that mission .  In 2010 (history), the theme chosen was A Moment In Time.  In 2011 (beauty), it was Hidden Treasures.  In 2012 (people), the theme is An Edmonds Kind of Day.

Michiko Tanaka at work.

After the theme is selected, a Call To Artists is formally issued by the Board of the Edmonds Mural Society.  At that point, the half-year long Mural Selection Process begins, with the finalists chosen in the spring!

Sue Coccia at work.

If you would like the Board to send you the year's Call To Artists directly or if you have any other questions, contact us here.
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