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How We Do It!

Edmonds Murals Walking Tour Map
Murals Walking Tour Map

Call to Artists
Call To Artists 2014

Murals Selection Process
Murals Selection Process 2014

Licensing Agreement
Licensing Agreement 2014

Standard Lease Agreement
Standard Lease Agreement

The Edmonds Mural Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  
EIN: 27-0749329
Your donations are tax deductible.  

Did you know that the Edmonds Mural Society is funded entirely by citizen donations?
We are a charitable arts organization and put up our first mural through the donations of 120 community leaders and art afficianados.  Currently, the Mural Society counts over 200 Members, many of them community leaders, just like you!

Mural Society Members at the Gala.
To mount the new murals planned for the 2012 season, we need your help.  Membership starts at only $20 and can be purchased below.  Able to support beauty and growth at a higher level?  We have couples, family and patronage membership levels as well.
For questions or for more information, please email us at [email protected]
Thank you for your support.

Edmonds Mural Society Membership Levels

Donations to the Edmonds Mural Society
The Edmonds Mural Society also welcomes donations from supporters in the community.

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