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It was a such an honor to be the first muralist selected by the Edmonds Mural Society. 
It gratifies me more than I can say.
Pat Brier
A Day In Edmonds (2009) and An Evening In Edmonds (2010) 

No matter how many murals the Edmonds Mural Society mounts in the coming decades, there will always be one first mural.  

This was the mural that taught us - the Members of the Edmonds Mural Society - and our surrounding community that we can do this.  It is possible.

Here's a lasting salute to those original 120 dues-paying Members, to the original leaders (since there wasn't even a Board in those days) and, not least, to our first muralist.  

They all dared so much.

Pat Brier  A Day In Edmonds
A Day In Edmonds
by Pat Brier
100 5th Avenue (south wall)

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