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How We Do It!

Edmonds Murals Walking Tour Map
Murals Walking Tour Map

Call to Artists
Call To Artists 2014

Murals Selection Process
Murals Selection Process 2014

Licensing Agreement
Licensing Agreement 2014

Standard Lease Agreement
Standard Lease Agreement

The mission of the Edmonds Mural Society is to celebrate the beauty, history and people of Edmonds by raising murals throughout the city.
The Edmonds Mural Society began in the fall of 2009 with the raising of its first mural, A Day in Edmonds by Pat Brier.  Funds to sponsor this and later murals are raised each year by the 200+ supporting members of the Edmonds Mural Society. 

In 2014 we are continuing that mission by raising a number of new murals in downtown Edmonds.  We invite you to Join Us and help make the magic happen!

Joel Patience painting Edmonds to Starboard.
2014 Edmonds Mural Society Board and Crew

Jeff Stilwell • Director

Manya Vee • Membership Coordinator
Jeanie Blair • Photo Record

Bonnie Howard • Logistics

Paul Anderson • Logistics

Would you like to join the Board of the Edmonds Mural Society? We'd love to talk with you!

We ask for a written proposal of what you would like to achieve as a Board Member. If it appears a good fit, we will try it out for three months, during which you will have a non-voting seat. Following a successful run, we will seat you on the Board with full voting privileges.

Questions?  Contact Jeff Stilwell or stop by MaJe Gallery (409 Main Street) in downtown Edmonds!
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